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Imagine. Believe. Dare.

INNVATION is a specialized startup factory that turns ideas into successful and innovative products which make a difference.


Products that Fit

Finding a true product-market fit is essential for any successful startup. Define key features, measure and test the market, and get working.

Team Ride

Think of us as your co-driver. We'll provide all the guidance and support that's needed, and together we can make a team that will go the distance.

Thinking Outside the Box

To innovate often requires taking an unconventional path to reach success. We combine best practices with a top-notch team that isn't afraid to try new approaches to get the job done.

Pilot, Pivot, Prevail

Early stage validation and rapid iterations, along with constant analysis and improvements will achieve excellence faster and avoid lost time and pitfalls.

One Stop Shop

We have everything needed to make your idea a reality - the vision, the knowledge and experience, the technology, and an extensive business contact network. With INNVATION, you're ready to go.

Startup & Invest


Great entrepreneurs come up with brilliant ideas. If you already know what you want to do - reach out to us and we'll evaluate your idea for you - for free. And if you and your co-founders have already started on your journey, we can fill in all the gaps, whether you need our development team, our business analysts, a marketing expert, or even a CEO. Don't be shy - drop a note today.


Are you an angel investor? We found and develop multiple startups at a time and are always on the lookout for new financial partners. Quite possibly, we already have something in the works that meets your investment criteria. Let's see if we can make a match - take a step closer.


Advisors & Partners

Jukka Laikari

Managing Partner, IFPR Communications

Glen Schreitmueller

Strategy Consultant

Michael Richardson

CIO at Xtiva Financial Systems


Meet the INNVATION team - a creative bunch of successful entrepreneurs, experienced tech gurus, talented product designers, and seasoned marketers. Working together, we've created a special environment that turns great ideas into new and innovative products. Startup life is all about overcoming challenges with creative solutions and at INNVATION, we push the boundaries of traditional thinking to build products that make a difference.

No major innovation ever came about on its own, that's why we're always searching for new colleagues and like minded individuals. Would you like to join the INNVATION team? Our crew always has something for those who dare and are ready to take up the challenge.


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So far 2017 has been a year full of interesting events for the startup world. In fact, INNVATION has already attended numerous conferences and seminars and there are more to come. That said, I can att...
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Startups can't afford to make excuses and this could be your chance for success. INNVATION will lead you through, providing all the expertise and insight you'll need - jump on board with us today!