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Ideas that brought us together

When there are so many opportunities in this world, it would be a shame not to try and embrace them when you have a good idea. This feeling might be familiar to many of you - one day you just wake up with an idea and you think, maybe it can make this world a better place.You walk around rolling, twisting and turning the images and ideas around in your head and then boom - you see the light. There it is - your product clearly visualized - your solution - the next big thing. All you need to do is start working and you better do it now, before someone else does.

It's a race and a rush, and it fascinates us to think about technology startups and how they work. That's exactly what we thought too and the reason that we ended up creating INNVATION - the startup factory that turns ideas into technology products that make all the difference.

The INNVATION team descends from various disciplines - from successful entrepreneurs, skilled software architects, and talented developers to artistic UX pros, know-it-all product managers and savy marketers. We came together, discussed plans and left our latest ventures to go startup so that the ideas that we were thinking about could actually happen.

Our experience told us though that it would take more to bring our ideas to life than just money and good intentions. Sure, money helps but it's the willingness and ability to commit yourself to the idea that matters. First, you have to try and imagine your future product in the smallest detail. We ask ourselves hundreds of questions - from what's the real purpose and what value will be created to “what color should this button be”? Making sure that you're asking all the right questions may be hard, but, eventually, you will end up finding out much more about your product, the market you're entering and what you'll really need to do to succeed.

Later, when you already have the detailed concept developed, you have to start believing in it. Not just regular expectations, but you need to become the evangelist, the pastor and the follower to your product. If your faith in the startup is strong enough, that means you are ready to dare - to do what's needed to make it happen. First, define the scopes, then wireframes, prototypes and demos and, finally, the MVP. At this point it is important to remain persistent and humble, as many obstacles may await your team. Just stick to your roles and rely on experience to do what you're meant for and you will see the light :) Or perhaps not. If not - take a deep breath, get up and start all over again. That's tough, but that's what startup life (or just life) is.