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INNVATION & Travatar - a new dimension in flight comfort

Travel startups are at their peak. Research conducted by PhoCusWright tracked 743 digitally oriented travel startups from 2005 to 2013 and noted that their funding had significantly accelerated over the last few years. Of the $4.8 billion in total funding raised during the period, 68% of it, or $3.3 billion, was raised from 2011 to 2013.

It's no wonder. Demand is high as this fast-paced world is all about constantly moving and traveling for business or pleasure. But despite the overall success in attracting investment, no travel startup has caused a major disruption in flight search. Our flying experience has diminished as we get bigger and airline seats in economy class get smaller. Until now, that is, because the launch of is about to change the way we search for flights and how we evaluate and pay for our flight comfort.

The idea for the startup struck the founder and CEO of Travatar, whilst sat in a middle seat on a long haul flight. A frequent traveler himself, Richard came to the understanding that all flights are most definitely not the same. Not only was differing seat design having a major impact on legroom available to flyers but the width of seats was dramatically different across airlines as some chose to add extra seats in each row by making all the seats narrower – ‘densification’ these airlines called it and they hoped flyers wouldn't notice.

His brainstorm was that this information could be used to generate another dimension in flight search to improve the flight experience by quantifying and qualifying traveler comfort against the cost of the flight.

Airlines could also highlight the benefit of seats providing extra comfort and travelers could compare flights based cost and for the first time comfort to find best value options for them.

Richard partnered with INNVATION to define the development scope and overall business strategy to find the best product market fit for the startup's planned offerings. As a result, Travatar has expanded from a single-purpose product into a multi-functional travel ecosystem with an enhanced flight search engine, consumer portal and customer review tool.

Today, Travatar is nearing the end of closed beta testing and a number of major air carriers and online travel agents (OTAs) have expressed interest in and are considering working with Travatar. To stay informed, news, updates, as well as information on integration will be available at Facebook, on Twitter, and LinkedIn