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INNVATION & Zozoola - young ventures cooperate

When we say that we're a “startup factory” that doesn't necessarily mean that we work only with tech startups. A startup can be any kind of new venture, whether it's product or service based, tech-centric or something entirely different. But the main thing INNVATION pursues - and not only because of its name - is that the startup has to be one that's truly innovative. This means that the business needs to be able to find solutions to solve sometimes unconventional problems to bring unrealized value to both users and customers. That's why when we met the founders of Zozoola

Zozoola is a team of young but seasoned professionals who offer individually tailored marketing and business development services. They provide consultation services for companies who want to keep their marketing efforts cost effective and streamlined. The Zozoola business model differs from traditional outsourcing in that it provides custom tailored solutions and recommendations that are more closely aligned with their customers’ long-term growth strategy, mission statements and company values. Working side-by-side with management, Zozoola representatives create not only engaging marketing strategies and campaigns, and in-depth research - they also give valuable advice on effective business development and sales strategies, and lead generation.

INNVATION on the other hand, offers a wider range of technology and business development consultancy services and our team is proud to have been able to assist Zozoola with legal advice and best practices in startup entity registration procedure, technical and visual support in branding, and official online representation. Working together on these tasks has brought us closer together as partners and friends, and INNVATION and Zozoola are looking forward to a bright future together.